At the NSW Art Gallery

4 Mar

Our Spirits Lie In the Water

This place, the creek, and water, we love this country, we Aboriginal people. We love it. The old people were the same, attached to this land. The old people, our grandfathers and grandmothers, great grandparents, our ancestors, they lived here in this place, put here for them. That’s how we talk about our land. Our spirits lie in the water. When we camp by the creek, it soothes our spirits and keeps us cool.                                           Ivan Namirrkki 2003


Macassan Prau on bark 1948. Sam Barramba Wurramarra.

Dugong huntIMG_4933

Dugong Hunt, 1948

Jabarrgwa (Kneepad) Wurrabadalumba, 1896-c1969, Arnhem region

abo 2IMG_4938

Djowuy 2005, natural pigments on bark. Manman Wirrpanda b 1955.


Untitled, 2005


Maku inmaku pakani 2014

Ngupulya Pumani, b1948

Yukultji Napangati


Yathikpa, 2013

Nonggirrnga Marawilli

‘This Yirritja painting I’m doing is coming from the heart and mind. But it’s not the sacred Madarrpa painting. It’s just an ordinary fire, tongues of fire, fire burning backwards. A painting with no story, only flames.’


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